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I'm Rakhi Mandal, the writer of the e-book 'Bangla Food And Recipes’ cordially welcome you to my world. I am glad to find you with me, to enjoy my book about various recipes and foods of Bangladesh. I am a person of enthusiasm. I do believe in hard work and effort to achieve the goal. As a gift of nature of the whole universe, I love to see, know and listen. To me, it is really amazing to know new things. It is really enjoyable for me to open the windows of knowledge. I nurture myself every day with the search for new things. I believe, the quest for knowledge is endless. I was fond of fairy tales in my childhood. I loved to listen to the stories of the imaginary world and also loved to draw pictures of the tales in my imagination. When I grew up, I started to read storybooks and became an addict with storybooks. A new world was opened to me. It was the world of feeling and realization. During my academic period, I used to find interest in history, myth, philosophy, arts rather than my academic studies. I was interested mainly in the thoughts, creation, philosophy, art and the cultural activities of the human race from the early stage of the planet. I admitted myself to the Folklore department to achieve a Graduate degree. Folklore says about the existence and emotion of human beings. The subject is the creative expression of humanity. It is an infallible attraction. Continuing this trend, currently, I am a Ph. D researcher on this topic at Dhaka University. I have inherited the love for cooking from my predecessors. My maternal grandfather was fond of delicious food. You can say him, gourmand. My father also loves to eat. All of his sentiment is expressed in his love to taste of food in spite of his reluctance for other issues. My grandmother was a skilled cook to prepare the food as delicious in different ways. My mother is her inheritor. Cooking is an art. It is mandatory for the cook to have interest and concentration to make it artistic and aesthetic. The reason for the practice of a variety of foods in our family is the love for foods and the mingling of various food cultures of various areas. My maternal-father family is originated from Murshidabad, West Bengal, India, and my paternal grandfathers are from Bangladesh. So the blending of the food cultures of both areas is practiced in our family. It is said, the satisfaction of food consumption is the best feeling among all other happiness. The social culture and rituals of the Bengalis’ are full of variety and at the same time, the food culture of the Bengalis is very high. It is rarely found to see Bengalis’ affection for other things as much as they show for food. They have created storage of various recipes of all kinds of foods such as- sweet, sour, bitter, salted and mixing with one and another. You can find the correlation of various foods with all aspects of life (religious, social, cultural). You can call me ‘foodie’. I think three things are essential to have a complete taste of food. The first thing is how it looks, the second one is how it tastes and the third one is the nutritional value of the food. The food is incomplete without the combination of the three. You can have special knowledge of having the idea of the combination. The special knowledge makes sense of taste. The taste of sense can be explained in two ways- the one is the ability of the tongue to get the taste and the second one is the chemistry of combination. The chemistry of combination is knowledge to bring the variety of flavor, taste, and color in food by cooking it using various types of ingredients with the proper quantity. The person who can use both senses sharply can be a good cook. In fact, cooking is the reflection of a cook’s concentration and affection for cooking. The food reflects the cultural diversity of a country and a nation. The Bengalis’ love for food is as colorful as its culture. The taste, flavors, and color of the foods are incomparable. Uncounted recipes are created centering the happy beginning of various occasions of Bengalis’ life. I got a chance to be acquainted with various recipes of various parts of Bangladesh while researching project elements as a folklore researcher. I felt the intensity many times to write about different recipes of different regions of Bangladesh and to record the rare food experiences. Unfortunately, I could not get the chance to write. The desire was fallen asleep in my mind. But I find the influence of certain people or groups behind all the creative work. The World Book is such a platform. The honorable founder members of this site have given me the opportunity to bring my dream comes true. I started writing 'Bangla Foods and Recipes' depending on my experience with the hope to come to you and achieve your love. Dear reader, I would like to end with my grandfather's words - he used to say 'Your knowledge is fruitless as long as you are not sharing with others and it is not used for other’s betterment. As a result, good qualities are diminished with decades. So it is better to share and present your knowledge as it becomes useful to others. Success is an individual achievement but the consummation of your knowledge is the benefit of many people through your own activities and knowledge. So, we should try our best to make our life significant.' If my experience makes you interested in reading ‘Bangla Foods and Recipes’, all my efforts and experience will get the reward. Your positive responses will inspire me for my next work for you.