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Baby Dinner Ideas

Moms are always looking for baby dinner ideas as they can provide healthy dinner to their babies in the right way. We, Moms always want to see our baby healthy, energetic and full of life.

We always try to feed our baby healthy meals. So, we need to know how we can give them proper nutrition in the right way. Proper nutrition is the key to the baby’s good health.

Just think, is only healthy food at dinner time sufficient for our baby’s mental and physical development? Our all efforts will work only when we feed our baby his dinner in the right way.

If our baby is forced to eat all healthy foods despite his interest it may cause of his reluctance about food. Then it will not help at all for his physical and mental development.

I personally never force my babies to eat despite their reluctance. Rather I follow some techniques to make their dinner and as well as other meals enjoyable. 

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Your Baby

As a mom, we need to have some ideas on how we should feed our babies making their meals interesting and what foods we need to feed our babies. These ideas are really helpful to provide them a healthy dinner. 

These ideas help us to know what we should do when our babies are not interested to eat their dinner. Please keep in mind these ideas and suggestions are only applicable for 1 to 4 years babies.

First of all, we need to keep in mind we have enough ability as moms to introduce our babies with good foods. We can help them to learn to enjoy healthy foods. If we fail to teach them they may become picky eaters and we may have to face trouble to provide them proper nutrition. 

Tricks to Feed Your Baby’s a Healthy Dinner

You can follow some tricks to provide your baby with proper nutrition. I follow these and get better results for my babies’ feeding. These tricks help also your baby to have good health. Here are these:

1.    Make A Schedule

First of all you have to make a schedule for your baby’s dinner. Babies should be fed every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and a lot of fluids. It helps the baby not to have an empty stomach. The baby becomes habituated with such schedule and discipline. 

2.    Make a Plan for Your Baby’s Dinner

Make a dinner plan for two or three days for your baby. You must keep in mind that his dinner needs not to be fancy but you have to provide him balanced food.

You can prepare entree soup or Mexican Chili and keep these in the fridge. Heat it up and you can add whole grain bread and apple or melon. Your baby’s healthy dinner is ready.

3.    Provide New Food

Kids are very curious and interested in new things. Naturally, they feel amazed when you introduce new food at dinner time. But do not expect, they will like your new food all the time.

So, you have to be tricky. If they do not like the food is really good for their growing up, you have to be innovative for cooking the foods as they love it like the new one.

4.    Try To Be Their Friends

Do not be a teacher while they are refusing to take any specific food at their dinner time. “At this point, your job is simply to offer the food. Explain Scott Cohen, MD, a pediatrician and author of Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.”Don’t force things or stress. Kids tend to grow and get nutrients they need, even though it sometimes seems like they’re growing off of sunlight and air.”[1]

5.    Involve Your kids With Your Work

If you keep your babies with you in choosing or preparing meals, they will be interested in eating what they have made.

It does not mean that you are allowing them to cook. Just keep them with you while cooking. They can mix vegetables in salad or placing the foods on the table.

6.    Finish Your Own Dinner

Please take your dinner on time and finish your own dinner. If you are not finishing your own dinner they will start to consider it as very normal. And they will start doing so.

From these techniques your baby can get benefits to grow up properly. If you try to provide him a variety of healthy foods, you are providing him the opportunity to have all the components of nutrition. He can be habituated with healthy foods for the rest of the life. 

Foods: Good for Your Baby

As a parent you need to know what foods are really important for your baby. Let’s see the foods really good for your baby to give them a healthy life.

1.    Vegetables

Make your baby habituated with vegetables. If you are doing so at the early stage he will enjoy eating vegetables when he has grown up. 

Vegetables play a vital role in a baby’s healthy growth and development. Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These protect your baby from diseases.

When you are trying a new vegetable, do not be impatient if he does not like it. Do not force him to eat and do not try the vegetable repeatedly. Try the food after a few days. In this case, you can add some new flavor or spices to make a different taste.

2.    Fish

Fish is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Oily fishes play a vital role in your baby’s brain development as these contain omega-3.

You need to cook the fish thoroughly and remove the bones from the fish otherwise it may cause danger.

3.    Meat

Meat provides iron, zinc, and also provides vitamin D. It is necessary to provide iron in his dinner.

You can try chicken at first. Then you can take the chance to give him red meat. You need to reassure that the meat is cooked well. Remove bones from the meat.

4.    Pulse

Pulses and beans are a good source of protein and iron. These are also easy to cook. These also can be a substitute for meat and fish.

You can try lentils with vegetables for your baby. Vitamin C of vegetables will help the body to absorb the iron of the lentils.

You can find a better result if you follow the shared ideas and the foods for your baby’s dinner. These ideas really help your baby’s healthy growth. 

Solutions of Baby’s Refusal to Eat Dinner

Sometimes, we have to face a problem to feed them. The problem is our babies sometimes refuse to eat their dinner or other meals. You can find the solution to the unwanted problems. Let’s see the solution.

1.    Try To Know The Reason

If your baby is constantly refusing their dinner try to know the reason for their refusal. If he gives you a reasonable answer then try to solve it. If he does not have any reasonable answer; do not start to teach him. 

You can discuss with him how the dinner is important for him to provide proper nutrition. Let him understand a healthy dinner helps him to be energetic more. He can play more with his friends if he feels fit and energetic.

2.    Don’t Scold Your Baby

Control your anger when your baby is not taking his dinner. Do not force him to eat. Rather, it’s better to chat with him in a friendly manner. Try him to realize that you have cooked for him with all your efforts,  if he eats it you will be happy.

3.    Cutlery Set

Some babies like bright colors of their cutlery. They like to use the same color, shape of cutlery watch on TV. You can bring such a set to make their dinner time enjoyable.

If you are a little bit tricky and have the ideas of necessary food elements for your baby at dinner time you don’t need to give much effort to feed your baby.


Healthy baby dinner ideas can help your baby’s growing us with a healthy body. As healthy meals and dinner as well the key to a healthy body you should not ignore your baby’s dinner. 

Any interruption of a healthy dinner may cause your baby’s poor health. Providing junk foods in place of healthy foods to reduce hassles in the kitchen is not considered for the baby’s proper growth. 

You do not need to take much effort to provide a healthy dinner. You only need to apply your common sense and a bit of concentration. These are enough to gift your baby a healthy life.

Remind that, first of all you are the mother of your baby then you have all other identities. I hope you can enjoy your dinner time with the best gift of your life.

Meta Description: Baby dinner ideas ensure your baby’s good health. You can have solutions if your baby refuses to eat dinner. 

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