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We are a digital publisher. We publish complete books on various topics for our audience regularly. It is an opportunity to publish your manuscript on The World Book to reach the global audience easily. We will ensure a secure royalty for you! Lets start with us to generate a royalty income for your next generation.

Also, we are article publisher online. We publish articles on our blog regularly on various topics. Our authors writing articles to share their thinking and knowledge with our readers. You can publish your articles on our blog at zero cost.

Our contents are completely free to read for any one. We are inviting you to learn, share & earn with us.

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Anybody can join as a Book Author / Blog Author / Contributor at any time with us. By joining, you can be able to share your books, eBooks, articles in any topic. We will review your contents to ensure quality to serve our audience.

The World Book is a doorstep for you. You are invited to start your career to create your own identity with your tremendous quality to the world. So, share your views, thought, ideas on any topic with us. Sharing your thought on any topic may change views of one’s life.

We are sure; you will achieve your goals with us.

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Fulfilling the dream of publishing a first book is not an easy task. When you do not know anything about this publishing world and you only have a manuscript and a lot of enthusiasm, you are looking for travel companions who will generate confidence in you, who from their professionalism will tell you the "truths" that you do not see, have the options that you cannot find and transmit that feeling of doing in freedom but with a guarantee of quality. That is The World Book that transmits to you in this precious adventure of becoming a ‘writer’.

Any author with an original work in any topic can be published.

Fill the contact form. Upload your work. Improve your book. Spread your work.

  1. You can start your career to create your own identity as a writer.
  2. You will get a secure royalty.

Additionally, other extra services are offered, such as:

  1. Book Cover Design.
  2. Polish your manuscript, turn it into a book, publish it, and make it known to the public.

These services will be available 24/7 and with response times not exceeding 24 hours, taking into account working days.

You can send us your manuscript as a single digital file and preferably as Microsoft Word (.doc) although we also accept Pdf.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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