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Hi, I am Nayma Nishat, co-founder of The World Book and the Author of the Health & Fitness Book. I completed my graduation and post-graduation in English Literature.

My studied areas of literature are Drama, Novel, Poetry, American Literature, and Literary Criticism. Course material included an in-depth study of both selected contemporary and classical literary masterpieces.

I love literature. Because I think, literature is the possibility for everyone to be unique, to create an eminently personal universe, to open the freedom of intimate imagination. As Fernando Pessoa says “Literature exists because the world isn't enough.”

I started writing in 2014. I wrote literary articles for a blog named English Study Hub from which people get acquainted with both selected contemporary and classical literary masterpieces.

I also worked as a freelance content writer at Upwork. Then joined a news portal named Daily Projonmo as a News Writer. Where I wrote, looked over Output Editing, and also Edited news coming to the newsroom on various topics like politics, crime, education, health, and development; coordinated translation jobs in both Bengali and English and uploaded news on the website.

Though my background is in English literature, I'm developing my passion for Graphic Design as it’s a creative field. I like thinking creatively and also try to put my creativity on some graphical programs such as brand & corporate identity, social media design, UI design. Completed several projects for clients from all over the world and working alongside diverse design teams. At that time I was so busy in work that I could not find the time to write even a line.

Life was good but I forgot that Life is a gift. And we were created to enjoy and savor every minute of it, not to see it pass before our eyes while we are drowning our obligations, we are consumed by debts and we see our dreams disappear in the distance. I learned that lesson in 2017 when doctors diagnosed my mother with the worst physical condition. She has a complicated gallstone disease and infections in the uterus.

That experience made me face the question of what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go. This incident moved the floor for me. I understood the value of health. We can lose home, we can lose car, we can lose job, but if we have health, we can get it all back. At that moment I decided to inspire people to achieve better health and wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle. So it is essential for all of us to know and understand the importance of health to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m writing a Book on Health which will be completely free for all of you.

For writing, I’m doing research which helps me to learn so many things about good health. Every hour of every day I'm learning more. That's what I'm trying to highlight in my book. I must say I am very approachable as I do have a couple of people, the World Book team, helping me with the organization. I just love my team and I know that you will too! If you want, you can join us and share your writing. We’ll help you polish your manuscript, turn it into a book, publish it and make it known to the public. You can get in touch with me directly if you have any questions. I would love to hear your stories and experiences.

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