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What is the best pilates machine for home use

Do you know What is the best pilates machine for home use? And what is the best pilates reformer to buy? The use of Pilates machine is one more way to strengthen your body and mind, as Joseph Pilates himself said. If you are planning to buy a Pilates reformer for home use or are specifically interested in this technique, keep reading!

Here, I have listed the best Pilates Machines for home use- Reformer, to chairs, Wall Unit, and of course the famous Cadillac or trapeze. The exercises that you can perform with these machines are as varied as they are different. So do not hesitate to buy these Pilates machines at the best price.

Which Pilates Reformer is the Best?

Within the options of pilates machines, the Reformer Group SPX is the best, its quality is incomparable. This pilates machine offers great advantages to its instructors and clients, it is portable and adapts to small spaces. In the same way, it is manufactured with great resistance, solidity, and durability, ideal for continuous use.

The structure of the Reformer Group SPX is very solid with longer rails and a taller carriage, compared to other existing models on the market. In the same way, you have the option of incorporating a series of accessories from the Reformer line, thus expanding the ways of programming, offering the customer a more complete machine.

What is the Best Pilates Machine for Home Use?

Pilates machines offer their users a large number of benefits, through their various exercises. For home use, the ideal machines are Pilates Reformer Group SPX, Pilates Reformer Rehab with Vertical Frame, Cadillac Trapeze Table, Cadillac Wall Unit or Wall Unit, and Stability Chair.

1. Pilates Reformer Group SPX

Reformer Group SPX, this Pilates model is one of those that can be customized, adapting it to the decoration and design of the facilities where it will be located. Customizable upholstery colors include: brown, black, gray, blue, green, or purple.

Likewise, this reformer guarantees total safety for both the instructor who operates the machine and the beneficiary or client. Therefore, it is one of the best options to acquire in the pilates machine market.

2. Pilates Reformer Rehab with Vertical Frame

With the Reformer Rehab tower model, it is possible to perform and teach how to work on body stability, as well as peripheral mobility. In the same way, so-called plyometric exercises can be done and the results are incomparable.

Designed to function as a basic Reformer and perform Cadillac exercises, the Reformer Rehab by simply adding the Vertical Frame or Tower or a Mat Converter will become a new machine with a wide variety of exercises to perform.

3. Cadillac Trapeze Table

With the Cadillac Trapeze Table, it is possible to perform a wide variety of exercises that will correct the asymmetry of the body, in this way it is possible to work with the control and balance of the correct body posture; it is a kind of re-education.

Through the different pulleys and ropes, the client hangs in various positions, there are more than 150 different Pilates exercises to test the body in a range of movements that will help with body posture.

In this sense, the Cadillac Trapeze Table is indicated for any type of person, be it elite athletes, rehabilitation patients, and even gymnasts. There are multiple benefits offered by this Pilates machine, original and unique movements.

4. Cadillac Wall Unit or Wall Unit

The Cadillac Wall Unit wall-mounted reformer model is ideal for locating in tight spaces, with various limitations. Thanks to this machine you can perform various pilates exercises without inconvenience, also regardless of the small space.

5. Chair or Stability Chair

This Stability Chair has the general design of a chair, however, it has certain pedals with various adjustable springs to raise or lower resistance; as well as some supports on its sides to be mounted on it comfortably.

Its main function is the exercise of the legs, it has also been created to execute series of different levels to stabilize the pelvis, in this way it is possible to obtain better control of the body balance in general.

Its use is recommended for those who need to stay in the same position, either standing or sitting. Since it helps to rebalance the muscles of the body. The exercises are also intended for those athletes who have a high performance, as well as those who want to maintain their good body shape.

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Is It Worth Buying A Pilates Reformer?

Pilates reformers offer their users a large number of benefits, through their various exercises. The Pilates Reformer helps to improve both flexibility and body strength, integrally developing the muscles.

First of all, I’m going to clarify how the Pilates Reformer machine system is. It is a structure made with resistant materials and at the same time comfortable, it has a totally flat platform with a two-sided sliding through a frame. This machine also has a series of springs, ropes, and springs.

Through the last, resistance will be generated that forces the body to execute the exercises. Likewise, it is possible to vary the resistance levels, adapting the series of exercises to their own level. In addition, with the Pilates Reformer, various parts of the body are worked at the same time, including the muscles, greatly improving concentration through the coordination of movements.

Now, when it comes to the operation of the Pilates Reformer machine, it was designed to perform a large number of different exercises, in different positions to improve and correct posture, breathing, relieve back pain, strengthen muscles, among many other benefits.

It is composed of a kind of completely flat and smooth platform, like a bed to slide along the sides of it to frame it. This frame is tied to this platform with springs and ropes that provide stability.

In this sense, for the movement of the bed to be executed, the force of the body must be applied, since it is necessary to fight against the weight of the body and the resistance of the ropes included in the machine.

Can You Practice Pilates Reformer At Home?

You can practice Pilates using pilates reformer in a studio with a qualified instructor, in a specialized center but also at home with the help of videos, courses or books.

Using Pilates Reformer at home has advantages:

  • You can do it whenever you want.
  • You do not have to travel, with the investment of time and money that this implies.
  • It’s free.
  • You enjoy total privacy.

If you do it with the help of videos, you can stop it whenever you want and repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

How To Choose A Pilates Reformer For Home?

Are you still worried about what is the best home pilates reformer to buy? You can choose any of the mentioned reformer for home use. Still I recommend you to look at the Pilates accessories and equipments of pilates reformer machines, there are a series of complements for them, they are mentioned below:

  1. Padded extension platform: this accessory is used to perform the exercises that require standing, in addition to lengthening the wooden platform that comes with any model of Reformer machines.
  2. The Mat Converter: designed to cover the entire reformer car, providing stability and security for the execution of exercises called mat work.
  3. Straps and Grips: Double loop, hamstring extension straps, long spine padding are available. Plus foam grips and ankle grips.
  4. Extra platforms for any need.
  5. Additional mats with non-slip designs.
  6. Soft foot bar.
  7. Table with rotating discs.
  8. Jump board: with a solid and stable surface, also padded for greater comfort when performing exercises on the reformer.

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How Much Does A Pilates Reformer Machine Cost?

Each manufacturer varies, but the price is around $300 to $8,000. There are manufacturers that can be purchased in the USA, so in addition to the price of the reformer itself, there were also import procedures and shipping company costs.

Reformers can be purchased individually. If you have a space in your home, you can install it enough. However, if you want to practice exercising with a reformer, you will still need an instructor.

It is said that this machine can perform about 500 kinds of exercises! It’s a very attractive machine, but it’s difficult for the general public to set the load for each exercise, and even if you practice the exercise individually, you may not get the maximum effect of Pilates.

I recommend that you ask an instructor who can handle Pilates reformers for lessons.

The more you know about reformers, the more you want to experience them! Many people think that fitness clubs and training gyms also have a variety of training machines and equipment. Training gym equipment and Pilates machines are the same in that they stimulate muscles.

However, in the case of Pilates machines, it is attractive to be able to acquire a range of motion and stability while approaching muscles and to acquire correct movements.
Among them, the reformer reduces the influence of gravity and stimulates the muscles. Even those who have diseases such as hip joints and knees can approach the whole body by using the reformer.


In the pilates machine market, it is possible to find a wide variety of equipment, from the most basic and simple to the most complex and complete. However, you know What is the best pilates machine for home use. Therefore, when choosing a Pilates Reformer, for home use, it is important to know in-depth and detail the operation, advantages, and appropriate exercises of each of them.

Regarding the use of Reformers, it is necessary to consider that many Pilates reformer models require the advice, management, and supervision of professionals trained in this. In this sense, when it comes to the sale of Reformers many will not take into account these elements that are vital for proper use, avoiding damage, injury, or problems.

The most essential thing is to know what are the available reformer equipments, what they are used for, who can use them, how they are used; as well as all those aspects related to the subject of the Pilates reformer. In this way, effective results are guaranteed with the main task of improving physical and mental health.