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Pilates Reformer Exercises

One of the most used machines in Pilates is the Reformer. It is the machine designed by Joseph Pilates himself, the inventor of the Pilates Method, and Pilates reformer exercises include a greater number of exercises with different strengths and resistances.

In our daily routine, we need to include exercise on a regular basis to maintain our vitality. A sedentary life increases postural problems, but, luckily, there are certain exercises that can help us improve our flexibility, maintain a correct body posture, improve muscle strength, and improve breathing. One of the best machines is the pilates reformer. Do you want to know what it can bring you and what exercises you can do? Here I tell you.

Pilates Reformer: What Is It And Why Practice It?

The Reformer is a machine that has a flat platform that slides along the carriage. This device also has ropes that are used so that we can perform exercises with our feet and hands, and springs of different colors that are used to adjust the force with which the activities will be carried out.

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Did you know that people who spend more time in sports feel more energetic and vigorous? In other words, there is a direct relationship between exercise as a habit and vitality. Specifically, according to practitioners, people who did 60 minutes of exercise a day felt more vital.

Pilates Reformer: What Is It And Why Practice It
Pilates Reformer: What Is It And Why Practice It

An example of a 60-minute exercise in the fashionable Pilates Reformer: one of the most suitable sports to stay vital. The Pilates reformer is based on a machine similar to a bed, specially designed to perform a variety of exercises, optimizing movements thanks to its design. Its main objective is to strengthen the body by promoting the power and control of our minds.

The exercises that this sport proposes are suitable for anyone and it is always better if a professional can choose the best Pilates reformer exercises for you. In this way, you can ensure the best results in a personalized and safe way.

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10 Pilates Reformer Exercises with Videos

Next, I will talk about 10 key exercises with the best videos that you can practice on the Pilates Reformer machine: you will feel your muscles strengthen, how you gain elasticity, how you generate more resistance, and, therefore, how your energy and vitality grow.

1. Pilates Reformer Exercise: One Long Stretch

With your hands on the bar and your knees on the bed with your feet resting on the shoulder pads.

Inhale and straighten your shoulders to push the cart back, exhale and return the cart to the starting position.

Keep your spine and pelvis neutral. 5 to 10 repetitions. Two springs.

Watch Now: Pilates Long Stretch Series on the Reformer

2. Pilates Reformer Exercise: One Leg Stretch

With your hands on the bar and your knees on the bed with your feet resting on the shoulder pads.

Inhale and straighten your shoulders to push the cart back, exhale and return the cart to the starting position.

Keep your spine and pelvis neutral. 5 to 10 repetitions. Two springs.

Watch Now: How to Do a Single Leg Stretch

3. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Harden Difficult Areas

There are many intermediate Reformer Workout. You can do with the following example,

Face up. Feet on straps, toes gently stretched. Straight legs.

Inhale. Lift your legs vertically toward your torso. Exhale: Pull your legs out diagonally.

Do 5 to 10 repetitions. Two springs or 1 and a half.

Watch Now: Intermediate (Hard To Do) Pilates Reformer Workout

4. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Circles with the Legs

The first thing we have to know is that you have to place two springs, we do not put a bar, the headrest up and with the long straps on the feet.

With the legs together and stretched, the sacrum supported and the arms placed on both sides next to the body, circles are opened with an opening equal to that of the width of the car.

5 repetitions are made in each direction.

Watch Now: Leg Circles on the Pilates Reformer

5. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Arm Work

Kneeling on the bed, arms straight in a position below the elbows, hands-on the straps and palms back.

Inhale to prepare. Exhale, keep your back steady, and push your hands out and back to move the car. Inhale and swing your arms forward to return the car.

Do 5 to 10 repetitions. A spring.

Watch Now: Pilates Reformer Arms Workout

6. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Abs and Butt Work

Plank position, the ball of the feet on the bar, and the hands-on the shoulder pads, forming a line from the head to the feet, the arms extended below the shoulders.

Inhale, keep your body steady. Bend your shoulders to push the cart as far as you can without losing control of your posture.

Exhale and spread your shoulders to return the car.

Watch Now: Abs, Glutes, and Thighs – Pilates Reformer Express Workout

7. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Abdominal Massage

To do this exercise you have to place two springs, a non-slip, the high bar and the headrest on top.

Sitting on the non-slip on the sit bones and with a rounded body, you carry the cart back from the abdominal, stretching your legs without changing position, you bring your heels under the bar, raise your heels, bend your knees and resist to return to the starting position with high heels.

The ideal number of repetitions you can do is between 5 and 10.

Watch Now: Stomach Massage on Pilates Reformer

8. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Frog

Lie down on the bed with your sacrum resting on your knees bent at shoulder height and stretch your legs by tightening the tapes that remain hooked to the feet.

Carry the car back from the abdominal at the same time as we stretch our legs and, resisting, we return to the starting position.

This exercise must be repeated 10 times.

Watch Now: Pilates Reformer – Frog Series

9. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Short Box Round Back

The Reformer must be positioned with the bar down, with two springs and the headrest down.

You take the box and place it across the car, leaving the backside between the shoulder pads.

Sitting in the center of the box, you place the foot strap and stretch your legs. Then you roll back, maintaining the position of your back and return round forward.

This exercise should be done 10 times.

Watch Now: Pilates Round Back on Short Box on Reformer

10. Pilates Reformer Exercise: Hundred

The hundred is a classic Pilates exercise. To perform this exercise we have to put two springs, without a bar and the headrest up.

We lie down, grasp the ribbons with our hands, bring our legs to 90º and align our hips with our ankles, hugging the midline.

Next, the head is raised, we bring the nose towards the sternum, we extend the arms forward with the palms down, they rise to the level of the shoulders and the arms move up and down. Inhaling in 5 times and exhaling in 5 times.

Watch Now: Hundred on the Reformer

Final Thoughts

Pilates reformer is a type of Pilates that is practiced with a special machine to strengthen our body and gain resistance. If you want to regain the vitality you can practice reformer Pilates accompanying your new exercise routine with a healthier diet.

Eating foods that provide you with vitamins and fiber, such as Zespri Kiwi, Bartlett Pear, Grape, Dragon Fruit, Medjool Date will help you arrive with energy at the end of the day and will help you stay in shape.

Remember that to perform these exercises you must be supervised by a monitor to correct you and adapt the springs to the one that best suits your needs. I hope, after doing these exercises you will live healthier, combining exercise with a healthy diet. As balance is the key to staying energetic, you can feel more vital by doing the Pilates reformer exercises.