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Pilates Reformer

If you’ve been to the gym lately, you’ve seen that there is a new machine that causes a sensation: the Pilates reformer. This machine allows the practice of Pilates to be more intense, favoring resistance.

The Reformer is designed by Joseph Pilates with the aim of incorporating the technique used in floor Pilates exercises to more intense training, achieved through a system formed by springs and pulleys that serve as resistance to the perform movements directed at specific muscle groups.

This Pilates Reformer machine has become very popular in recent years for its wide versatility and diversity in exercises, and the excellent results it provides. Train your vitality with it! In this writing, I tell you exactly what it is.

What is a Pilates Reformer and How Does it Work?

The Pilates Reformer is a machine specially designed to allow the user to perform a wide variety of Pilates exercises.

Invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates, the Reformer is like a bed frame with a flat platform on it, allowing it to roll back and forth on a guide.

It is made up of a flat bed-shaped platform that slides from side to side within the platform frame thanks to its small wheels. In turn, the frame is tied to the platform through ropes and springs.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

In order to move on the base from one side to the other, it will be necessary to apply a certain force as we will fight against the weight of our own body, as well as the resistance imposed by the aforementioned ropes.

All the parts that make up the Pilates Reformer are adjustable for different body types and sizes, as well as for different skill levels, adjusting uniquely to each user.

One of the great advantages of the Pilates Reformer is its versatility; the exercises can be performed while lying down, sitting, standing, pulling the ropes, pushing off the same platform, and using many more variations; plus you can make use of additional equipment to further increase the variety of exercises available. [1]

How Does it Work?

In other words, a single Pilates Reformer machine can perform a variety of exercises that train and target a wide variety of areas of the body in different ways, all with a single piece of equipment.

As you use the Pilates Reformer machine more and improve your skills, you will be able to try and do higher-level exercises.

Exercising with the Pilates Reformer is possible for all types of people, regardless of whether the level of physical condition and fitness they have is very high. Not for nothing, the full name of the Pilates Reformer is “Universal Reformer”.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer

Pilates is based on strengthening the body, promoting the power and control of our mind, which undoubtedly helps us to improve our vitality.

The effort and the ability to overcome prompted Pilates to create this machine or table with springs to practice strength and resistance games that exercise our bodies and provide them with energy.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer provides the following benefits:

  1. When you start practicing reformer Pilates and as we acquire greater toning and strength, the challenge that the machine proposes will make you use more force than in the floor Pilates class. This may be one of the reasons that lead you to opt for this Pilates.
  2. Our muscles are toned to a greater extent and much faster.
  3. Works the upper or lower extremities against a combined resistance of body weight, springs, and pulleys will help promote stronger bones.
  4. Increased flexibility is one of the biggest benefits.
  5. Muscles increase their strength and endurance.
  6. The bones of the arms and legs are strengthened.
  7. Muscle mass gains elasticity by having to stretch.
  8. Our ability to remain in balance is developed with the exercises we carry out in the cart with wheels where we stretch.

I Have Never Practiced Pilates, Do I Start With The Pilates Reformer?

Contrary to what it may seem, starting in Pilates with Pilates Reformer is much simpler and more effective: the machine will help us to perform the exercises correctly.

As you can see, it is designed both for people already started in the practice of Pilates and for neophytes.

Do I Start With The Pilates Reformer?

If you have never done Pilates before, surely you find it interesting to know that the Pilates reformer is a safe and controlled way to practice this method.

Of course, it is important that you practice it with help, otherwise you could injure yourself. A Fitness Trainer or monitor will help you get to know your body better and teach you to use your strength.

The Pilates Reformer focuses the movements on the muscle or set of muscles that you want to strengthen. We will notice that our body is more and more resistant and that we are filled with more and more energy, strength, and vitality.

Pilates Reformer Exercises

The best way to learn Pilates Reformer workouts is in a class or with a private instructor. Once you learn some of the exercises and begin to understand the basics of Pilates movements, then it is probably time to buy a Pilates Reformer machine for home.

Pilates Reformer Exercises

And if you already have Pilates Reformer and want to know about the exercises, then you can go through these pages.

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What Should You Take Into Account To Buy A Pilates Reformer Machine?

Space, weight, ease of assembly and price are the primary factors that you must take into account when choosing a Pilates Reformer machine for your home.

What Should You Take Into Account To Buy A Pilates Reformer Machine?

I recommend that you be careful with some of the models currently on the market, especially those advertised on TV, since many of these are made by people who are not fully familiar with the world of Pilates, in addition to the guarantee, functionality and lifetimes tend to be somewhat limited.

On the other hand, the best machines, which are produced by Pilates experts, generally offer, through the internet, unlimited access to videos of classes and free courses.

For you, I have already reviewed some best Pilates Reformers from some famous brands so that you can choose yours easily.

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The Price of Pilates Reformer

The price of Pilates Reformer varies a lot from just over three hundred USD to five or six thousand USD. Especially because of the accommodation facilities and the manufacturing materials.

The Price of Pilates Reformer

The most equipped ones have several positions for the footrests and a multitude of adjustments of the different supports. The possibility of regulating the resistance of the carriage movement is important.

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The great variety of exercises that it allows thanks to its diversity in grips, movements, and resistance levels, make the Pilates Reformer an ideal machine to get in shape and achieve a slender and balanced body.

The exercises will rarely get boring, in addition to the fact that there are countless models of Pilates Reformer machines to buy and take home, just choose the one that suits you best and once installed you can start to give a radical change to your life.

It’s time to check the vitality and energy provided by stretching and controlled strength training thanks to Pilates Reformer.