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What Is the Best Pilates Reformer for Studio

Do you know what is the best pilates reformer for studio and what it can bring you as a professional? Tired of searching all the stores and not finding the best pilates reformer for studio that best suit your needs? Today you will find the solution as in this content I have mentioned the best Pilates reformer for studio from the best brands.

Beside this I have discussed about all the Pilates equipment so that you can easily choose a professional pilates reformer for club or studio.

Let’s get to know the latest reformer in Pilates equipment for studio!

What Is The Best Pilates Reformer For Studio

Stott Pilates Professional Reformer is one of the most adaptable Pilates Reformer for Studio, made with high-quality materials to make it more durable. Thanks to its adaptability, it adjusts to various heights, weights, and conditions, and more than 500 different exercises can be performed.

It provides its users with great comfort, safety, and precision in its operation, it is recommended for both individual classes and Pilates studies. It is one of the most versatile machines guaranteeing quality, solidity, and durability.

General characteristics of the Stott Pilates Professional Reformer:

  • It adjusts to different abilities and heights, thanks to its adaptable mechanisms it can be adjusted to flex the knee and hips.
  • The shoulder rests, wooden platform and sturdy foot bar adjust to various weights.
  • The upholstery has been designed to ensure comfort during a workout, they are also high-quality materials.
  • The slide of the carriage is smooth and frictionless, due to the patented double rail bearing mechanism.
  • Wheels for easy portability and movement.
  • Its manufacture with the highest quality materials ensure and guarantee stability, as well as durability with continuous use at high and low intensities.

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Tips to Choose Pilates Reformer for Studio

In this content, I will mention some other pilates reformers, designed for professionals settings which will help you to identify the best fit for your business. Before that, you need to identify-

  • Who your clients are?
  • What kind of classes will you be teaching?
  • In a group or personal sessions or both?
  • Are you a physical therapist who works with the injured or special populations?
  • Do you work with clients who were taller?

Next, think about your SPACE and other functionalities.

  • Can you leave Reformers in place or must they be portable so that you can move and store them between classes?
  • What look do you want for your studio or facility? Classic wood or more modern metal?
  • Do you want performers that support a particular instructor training program or teaching style?
  • And at last your budget always figures into the equation.

Important Features to Choose the Best Pilates Reformer for Studio or Professionals

Some of the Pilates equipment mentioned below can be used by professionals in the field. In addition, they are ideal to start a Pilates studio or club. These are the following:


The barrels have been designed to mobilize and align the spine, thus improving posture, developing body control and balance. It is also one of the basic equipment as an initiation in Pilates programs to continue with the reformer machines.

The structure of the barrels, either full or half, will fully exercise the spine giving them more flexibility with stretching exercises. Since the barrels arch your entire body they give you a great all-round muscle stretch.

ARC Barrel and ARC Barrel Deluxe

With these models of barrels for pilates, ARC Barrel and ARC Barrel Deluxe, it is possible to reduce or increase the complexity in the exercises that are executed. Both barrels are indicated for rehabilitation therapies and even as a complement to other exercises, the curve is what allows the lengthening and decompression of the spine.

Ladder Barrel or Ladder Barrel

This type of stair barrel is ideal for both beginners and those already experienced in Pilates, it is possible to work the body in an integral way, increasing strength and providing stability. Similarly, if you want to install a Pilates studio, this barrel cannot be missing from the equipment.

Spine Corrector or Spine Corrector

Among the best options for barrels is the Spine Corrector, especially for those people who are new to the practice of Pilates, as well as those who exercise at home or in small Pilates studios.

Thanks to its wooden handles, the inclined platform, the Spine Corrector strengthens the body in an integral way, in addition, a large number of different exercises can be performed.

Spine Supporter

This Barrel model, Spine Supporter is one of the most recommended to reduce tension in the neck, as well as provide greater stability to the spine with its various exercises.

In most cases it can be used as a supplement on mats or others, ideal for those who suffer from a weakness in the lower back. In the same way, with this barrel some exercises for pregnant women are modified, in addition to obtaining a better abdominal position.

Reformer Box or Boxes

The main function of the Reformer Box or boxes is the variation in the exercises, increasing their intensity. They are made of the highest quality material, in addition to being comfortable to avoid injury or discomfort during exercise sessions.

The reformer boxes have three different types to choose from, among which are:

Professional: this box model is for reformers that have a schematic measurement, the most conventional. Such as the Stott Pilates models.

Extra High: with this type of boxes you can reach a greater height in the Reformers that require it, in this way the number of exercises to be executed is greatly expanded.

Extra Long: the model is one of those that have been specially designed so that any type of reformer is adjustable to people of great stature. Therefore, it guarantees safety and comfort to each of the clients regardless of their height.

Professional Raised Mat

This is a professional type mat, with the ideal thickness. It is used for pilates studies, the availability in two models complete as a unit or in two segments; in this way the shipment, transfer and storage of the same is facilitated. It also includes straps to adjust the feet.

It has been manufactured with the best materials, of the highest quality its dense and thick foam, guarantees to execute exercises with comfort and firmness; in addition, its upholstery is easy to clean.

Additional Support:

This extra or additional support has been designed to be added to mats that have a high thickness, in this way its width is expanded and when executing the series of exercises it guarantees greater stability. Likewise, it is made of solid and resistant wood for better durability with daily use.

Choose Best Pilates Reformers for Your Studio

Now, I will start by recommending reformers based on certain types of use, are the best pilates reformer for club.

(I) If you plan to use your reformer for group classes or personal sessions, I recommend

(II) If you plan to use your reformer for physical therapy practice I recommend

(III) If you work with taller or bigger clients my suggestions are

(IV) And if you have a classical training background please consider

(V) If you want to buy Pilates Reformer with Tower, then Checkout The Best Pilates Reformer with Tower Reviews

(VI) If you want to buy Professional Pilates Reformer, then checkout Professional Pilates Reformer Machine Reviews

How Much Does a Professional Pilates Reformer Cost?

The pilates reformers for studio are mostly expensive as they include so many functionalities and also a tower. You can expect to pay $4,000 to $8,000 for a studio-quality machine or one used for physical therapy.

If you use the reformer on a regular basis, the price may be well worth it.


Hope you get the answer of your question ‘what is the best pilates reformer for studio’. I have mentioned so many different reformers because I want you to find the one that’s just right for you.

The best pilates reformer for studio that provides the best teaching experience for you as an instructor and the best movement experience for your clients and don’t forget to have some fun once you’ve made your decision.

Please share this writing with your friends, your family, and your loved ones because people need to know these and together, we can change the community.